Commercial Properties

WI-IN Property Group has a wide selection of commercial space, for a buyer/seller or leaser.

Commercial Properties include

  • Office Space
  • Flex Space
  • Warehouse
  • Retail Front
  • Strip Malls

Whether you are buying a commercial property, looking to sell, or even moving your business into a spot to lease, WI-IN Property Group has you covered.


Professional Park 38

3610 SR 38 E, Lafayette, IN
A 5-Unit Retail strip mall located right across from the Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette, Indiana. Wide Range of business including a phone repair service to check and cashing, to a sports bar for your night time entertainment.

Kossuth Commerce Center

A 10-Unit commercial building that is considered “Flex Space” which consists of retail/offices in the front portion of the unit and a warehouse in the back half of the unit. Various types of businesses are located in this building, including a mechanic shop, SafeLite, Coors Exteriors, and Therapy One, a medical supply business.

Saw Mill Office
Saw Mill Road Office Complex
100 Saw Mill Rd, Lafayette, IN

A 3-story office building complex located on Saw Mill Road in Lafayette. Surrounded by woods and various landscaping, it is still only 5 minutes from downtown Lafayette Commerce.

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